we at Geofoods

we are made of earth, nature, rain, air, sun, wind, we are 100% Truffle

You can be lovers and curious about truffles, but two people like us, Vania and Giuseppe, who consider it one of the culinary excellences, have made a profession out of it. Love and respect for nature, trust and passion for good things are the values that guide us. A journey that began over 35 years ago, a history made of deep ties. Just as the truffle binds to its tree and grows to become a miracle of nature, the truffle hunter binds to his dog. It is a special alchemy that accompanies them until the exciting moment of discovery. We are a large network made up of many people including collaborators, searchers, and traders. A team made of people who are prepared, driven, close-knit: a family. We are women and men who work passionately and share the same vision: to bring into the world everything we believe in, everything we love. Today we continue to search for the best, the most beautiful, the tastiest, the most fragrant truffle, just as if we had to choose it for ourselves.