Tuber magnatum Pico

Often referred to as a diamond, white truffle is known for its rarity and perfume.

Considered to be the most precious gem, white truffle is to be found in the depth of the earth and each time it is a unique and unrepeatable event. So as diamonds, white truffles are hard to find, sought-after and highly valuable. They are characterised by irregular shapes, a smooth and velvety peridium and their colour vary from light ochre to dark cream, but they may also be greyish-yellow and soft green. The white truffle is without any doubt the most perfumed element to exist in nature and, for this reason it is used as a condiment to preserve its precious characteristics. A natural rarity and impossible to cultivate, white truffle are normally harvested from September until end of December/beginning of January. To fully develop, this type of truffle requires moist and soft soil, well aired and rich in calcium. By being so precious and cherished, white truffles will turn your dinner parties into magical events.