and summer truffles

Tuber borchii Vitt. and Tuber Aestivum Vitt.

Summer truffle, also known as “scorzone” for his coarse and verrucous skin (peridium), is the strongest of all truffles. Although being much less sensible in perfume and taste, when compared to a winter black truffle, summer truffles are nonetheless widely used for culinary purposes and as base in preserved truffle products. The harvest period of Tuber Aestivum runs nearly all year round (from may up to march), since the Uncinatum variety belongs to the family of the Aestivum (normally harvested from October until march). Uncinatum truffle is characterized by a more intense perfume and by a darker pigmentation of his peridium and pulp. Spring truffles, characterised by a very intense smell and taste, presents itself in two different varieties: the spring truffle to be harvested in the woods and the one to be found in pine forests. Even though it is less precious than white truffles, spring truffles have a large amount of aficionados that appreciate deeply its spicy and garlic-like taste and the versatility that the product has in the kitchen. The harvest period starts in January and ends towards the end of April.